AV PoW stands for Alpha Vertical, Proof of Work. Our company is a Veteran Owned Small Business that designs and manufactures software and hardware for data centers and blockchain development. We offer consulting to data centers and mining farms. An through www.avpow.com we sell data center, Bitcoin and proof of work mining equipment. https://avinc.io/about/

That’s a question only you can answer, but we can help. Your specific facility and power cost must be factored in before we can answer this. Contact us for a consultation. CONTACT US – www.avpow.com/contact-us If your facility and power cost justify mining Bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies, we can help you acquire and operate the right equipment and help you with our AV 4C strategy. Capture, Custody, and Convert your Cryptocurrency.

Yes, many people do. Do you have a 15amp or 20amp circuit open in a well ventilated garage or basement? If you do, you can buy a used Antminer S9 and join a mining pool and start mining Bitcoin. John Sostak has written a comprehensive guide to help, “Bitcoin and ASIC Mining for Beginners” available on eBay and Amazon.

Power costs are the biggest factor that affects whether you can mine more Bitcoin than you can buy. Large facilities and mining farms have power prices that make Bitcoin mining a lucrative business. As a home miner, you may want to learn how to mine Bitcoin, but the price you pay for residential power will not make your hobby profitable. Speculative mining of alt coins done strategically with GPUs can be a better way to earn more than you spend on power. What To Mine www.whattomine.com is a fantastic tool that can help you understand what is most profitable to mine, in real time.

Alpha Vertical has a detailed AV 4C Strategy, Capture, Custody, Convert, your Cryptocurrency, which we customize for our data center clients.

Capture – Through Proof of Work mining, OTC or DeFi staking, how will you capture your crypto?

Custody – How will you hold your crypto? This may seem rudimentary, but it is fundamental. Custody has lost and cost Bitcoiners millions in USD. Do not take custody for granted.

Convert – Are you a trader or will you outsource trading? There are programs available that allow you to mine crypto and be compensated in your native fiat currency. AV can help your business bypass crypto custody and capture friction free USD.

Cryptocurrency – Your Cryptocurrency is only valuable to you if you can efficiently capture, custody, and convert it. AV is here to help you with a custom AV 4C strategy.